Unique Things To See On The Komodo Cruise

Unique Things To See On The Komodo Cruise

The Komodo cruise offered by Ayana offers a unique sightseeing adventure. The numerous islands that the cruise passes through have diverse natural features and distinctly beautiful sites to behold.

When you take this cruise, keep your eyes open to discover new and rare features of the surrounding environment. Here are some of the new features that you will see.

Pink Beaches

One of the unique features you will experience as you take the Komodo island cruise is the unique and beautiful features. The pink beaches of the Komodo Island are a unique tourist attraction.

Available for the whole day cruise package and the longer cruise package you will get an opportunity to visit one of the only ten pink beaches around the world.

Beyond the pink beach, you will also get to experience a black volcanic beach as well as the usual white sandy beaches.

Hike an Island

Padar Island is a unique mountainous island that is a great tourist attraction. It is highly popular for its structure and is a popular hiking spot.

A trip to this island is included in the whole day and the three-day cruise package. Your cruise boat gets to the island early in the morning to ensure that you can hike the island comfortably in the cool of the morning.

After about a thirty-minute hike, you will get to the top of the island. Here you will experience a wonderful feeling of accomplishment as you take in the ocean and the surrounding unique colored beaches.

Komodo Dragons

These dragons are actually lizards.

Komodo dragons are indigenous to this region and are recognized as an endangered species. For your Komodo cruise, you will get the opportunity to interact with the largest lizard roaming earth.

They are known as dragons for their aggression. You will be accompanied by an armed guide for your whole trip within the park although they rarely attack humans.

During your cruise, you will have to carry the money to pay for the entrance fee to the park.

Manta Rays

Manta rays are a rare species of fish found only in clean waters in the deep of the ocean. The Indian Ocean around these islands is protected and as a result contains clear and clean waters suitable for snorkeling and diving.

When Snorkeling during your cruise, you will come face to face with manta rays and other rare fish species.

Uniquely Shaped Coral Reefs

Different points of the ocean will offer different sights to enjoy. Snorkeling in some islands will have you enjoying some uniquely designed coral reefs.

You can enjoy the water here as you swim and learn more about coral reefs.

A Phinisi Boat

The Ayana Lako’dia is the flagship cruise boat provided by the Ayana hotels. It is a beautiful boat designed in a mix of colonial and Indonesian island culture.

This boat has a capacity of eighteen occupants served by hotel staff. In as much as it is the main cruise transport, it is beautiful and unique enough to be a feature of the things that you will see on the cruise.

Bats at sunset

Sunsets are beautiful especially over the vast ocean. During your cruise, you will have an opportunity to experience the sunset with a twist.

As soon as the sun’s rays are dim enough to usher in the darkness of dusk, you will experience schools of bats taking to the sky for their nocturnal activities. Hundreds and hundreds of bats, fill up the sky and cover every ray of light that could still be shining.


The Komodo cruise is a unique cruise activity. Through this cruise, one can explore the ocean and the unique islands around the Komodo National Park. There are lots of unique features to experience when you take this cruise. Taking this cruise is an eye-opening experience that is greatly enjoyable and memorable.

This is a cruise that is suitable for the whole family and even corporate parties.

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